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Brand Citrus
Industry Commerce
Geography Ukraine
Tools Search Ads 360
Campaign Manager 360
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The advertiser experienced a decrease in its overall marketing budget amid the growth of online stores and increased competition. The company focused on the return on investment in advertising and set the following objectives:

  • Increase revenue during Black Friday
  • Increase market share in key categories


  • Use Search Ads 360 to optimize search advertising campaigns
  • Install Floodlight code on all assets to maximize conversion signals
  • Integrate Campaign Manager 360 with Firebase as a source of conversions
  • Use seasonal adjustment strategies in SA360 to increase the effectiveness of bid strategies
Citrus Black Friday


As a result of the right settings, sufficient data and leveraging seasonality Citrus achieved the following:

  • 31% increase in revenue
  • Increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by 42%
  • 18% decrease in cost per conversion (CPA)
  • Increase in conversions amount by 59%
  • Increase in conversion rate by 12%