Brand Texnomart
Industry Commerce
Geography Uzbekistan
Tools Meta


“Texnomart” is a large retail chain founded in 2008. The company specializes in selling a wide range of large and small household appliances and consumer electronics. the company had following goals:


  • Increase of online sales
  • Reduced cost per customer acquisition
  • Decrease cost per click (CPC)


With the assistance of Admixer Advertising, the brand successfully tested Meta’s Advantage+ suite of tools.


Admixer Advertising team conducted a quarterly performance audit of the client’s advertising campaigns to identify opportunities for increasing online sales. The audit results provided recommendations to the client:


  • to leverage Meta tools based on artificial intelligence, namely Advantage+ shopping.
  • using additional set of products from Advantage+ suite: Campaign Budget Optimization, Advantage Placements.
  • Targeting a wide audience selecting only the needed geo to expand communication to new prospective audience.


As a result of the launched Advantage+ Shopping campaign, there was a significant surge in sales. Additional measurement of key indicators using web-analytics software revealed:


  • 155% increase in online sales
  • 33% decrease in cost per click
  • 3,36% overall conversion rate to purchase