Brand RAMS Qazaqstan
Industry Real Estate
Geography Kazakhstan
Tools Advantage+ campaign budget


RAMS Qazaqstan is a leading real estate developer in Kazakhstan that specializes in the construction of residential complex properties for comfort, business and premium segments. 

  • Maximizing lead volume
  • Increase conversion rate from meetings to sales
  • Lower cost per lead


Admixer Advertising provided the performance audit of RAMS’ ad account.


As a result of the performance audit, the recommendations were:
  • Use Lead ads to increase the number of quality leads
  • Use Advantage+ campaign budget to optimize the distribution of budget and cost per lead.
  • Exclude the audience from the CRM database (remarketing) from the main communication, as creatives with a separate individual advertising message were used for them.


To measure the success of the campaign, RAMS measured the number of meetings they earned with potential customers and property sales. Their measurement approach used data from Meta Ads Manager as well as RAM’s in-house contact center and CRM system.

  • 51% increase in leads number due to launch leads objective campaigns in Meta
  • 28% lower cost per lead for lead generation campaigns in Meta
  • 18% conversion rate from meetings to sales received by Meta ad campaigns
  • 10% conversion rate from leads to meetings


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