Brand Simpals
Industry Services
Geography Moldova
Tools Admixer.DSP


Simpals is the market leader among the sellers of internet advertising in Moldova. The company exclusively sells advertising on the largest portals and aims to effectively achieve a number of tasks:

  • Connect all advertising assets within the media holding
  • Transition to selling of advertising inventory through programmatic advertising
  • Use Simpals’ 1st-party data to increase the effectiveness of ad campaigns
  • Create a new source of income by monetizing data


Create  proprietary technical stack with the support of Admixer technology solutions:

  • Use the Admixer.Network product to manage the inventory of all sites
  • Open access to Simpals’ inventory for international demand partners through the Admixer AdExchange
  • Collect and monetize 1st-party data from Simpals’ publishers through the Custom DMP module
  • Connect Admixer.Creatives capabilities for non-standard rich-media formats
  • Move main clients to a self-service model with Admixer.DSP
Simpals _result_en


  • Discovered new sources of income by monetizing data
  • Started monetizing ad inventory through various advertising exchanges in the programmatic ecosystem
  • Consolidated and expanded the advertising network by connecting large resources outside the media holding company
  • Optimized sales