Brand Sezim
Industry Services
Geography Kazakhstan
Tools Meta platforms


Sezim is a Kazakhstan online therapy service. The brand Sezim was launched in 2022. The company specializes in providing psychologists and psychotherapists consultations online for its customers.

  • Increase brand awareness in the market
  • Boost registration rates
  • Decrease cost per click (CPC)
  • Increase in conversions to purchase

In a collaboration with Sezim, Admixer Advertising conducted a performance audit of the advertising account.


Post-audit recommendations proposed to include Look-alike (LaL) targeting for expanding the audience, and two audiences were created for this purpose:

  • Audience with 1% difference from those who are already registered on Sezim platform (main hypothesis)
  • Audience with 1% difference from those who have previously interacted with Sezim ads (additional hypothesis)
  • A/B test was used to analyze the effectiveness of the audiences and the current approach to advertising placement


A/B test proved the effectiveness of audience expansion with the help of LaL algorithms. As opposed to the main hypothesis, the more effective audience was LaL audience with 1% difference from those who previously interacted with Sezim ads. As a result:

  • 16% increase in registrations 
  • 21% decrease of CPC 
  • 14% increase in conversions to purchase 

Using several audiences and testing them allowed the advertiser to more correctly determine the placement strategy and optimize further advertising activities.