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Brand L’Oreal Paris
Agency Zenith
Industry FMCG
Geography Ukraine
Tools Display & Video 360
L’Oreal Paris_заглавная
L’Oreal Paris_Solution


  • Relaunch the Casting Cream Gloss line of hair dye
  • Attract a new audience among girls who are dyeing their hair for the first time
  • Remind a loyal audience of the product with new creative


  • Segment ad campaigns by region with overlapping audience groups and categories
  • Use a Completed In-View and Audible (CIVA) bid strategy to increase viewability and achieve more effective CPV (cost per view)
  • Purchase inventory based on the CPM model
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The proposed approach allowed L’Oreal Paris to maximize its investments and operate its monthly budgets more efficiently. In the first month, CPV decreased by 180%, while viewability increased by 145%. The level of engagement was 152% higher than the existing benchmark for L’Oreal Paris in this product category.