Brand GoITeens
Industry Services
Geography Ukraine
Tools Display & Video 360


Improve the performance of DR campaigns in DV360 (ad format – banner and native advertising):

  • get post-click conversions on the site
  • reduce the cost per action (CPA)
  • increase the time users spend on the site


Based on data from current advertising campaigns, two separate Insertion Orders (IO) were created for the test:

  • Custom Bidding test group;
  • Automatic Bidding control group.

Each IO included 5 Line Items (Remarketing, Education Sites, In Market – Education, Whitelist, Custom Interests).
Once a week, an analysis was conducted and changes were made to the campaign for both groups: removed ineffective sites, experimented with targeting by day, hour, and ad position. 

For 4 weeks, the project team experimented with the Custom Bidding script (added/removed events in the script, tested additional settings for device parameters, day of the week, hours for displaying advertising).



  • Increase in user time on the site by 66% (compared to the period before the test campaign, traffic source DV360)
  • CPA decreased by 22% when using Custom Bidding compared to Automatic Bidding
  • The test group with the Custom Bidding script generated 6 conversions (filled out forms), while the Automatic Bidding control group generated no conversions
  • The cost of Post-Click visits is 10% lower in the test group
  • Custom Bidding script performs more efficiently when configured with many events and parameters